Do you know what's about to hit Coastal Suffolk?
"A No-Go Zone"

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Many of us may not be aware of the massive scale of industrialisation that will come along with each offshore wind farm using an individual radial point-to-point system landing on our shores and cabling miles inland to substations   destroying our wonderful coast and beautiful countryside. ScottishPower Renewables Applications for two wind farms, EA1N and EA2 will do just this and be devastating for Coastal Suffolk.  

We say "Yes to Offshore Wind Energy but Let's Do It Right"

This destruction could be avoided if SPR and National Grid agreed to deliver the power to a BROWNFIELD SITE.  Better alternative sites are available.

We say "Deliver Green Energy in a Green Way"

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The Way Forward - A 'Split Decision'

SEAS Submission

Therese Coffey MP campaigns to reject Friston Substation

Therese Coffey speaks of 'devastating impact' of windfarm on Suffolk beauty spots

Fantastic News - Norfolk Vanguard  

The development consent for the Norfolk Vanguard Wind Farm project has been overturned, and the Development Consent Order (DCO) has been quashed.

The details of Justice Sir David Holgate's historic judgement

SEAS Response

BEIS Offshore Transmission Network Review 

For the last year SEAS has been campaigning for a Review asking for offshore solutions. Finally we have one, the BEIS Offshore Transmission Network Review

On 17 December 2020 a webinar provided an update on the work being done by the Offshore Transmission Network Review. Update Webinar Slides

Non-disclosure agreements

SEAS letter to PINS Examination Re: non-disclosure agreements

Therese Coffey MP writes to the Secretary of State Re: non-disclosure agreements

Offshore Integration

The integration of offshore wind farms is a step closer See National Grid ESO Offshore Coordination Report

But the fight goes on. In this report, Sizewell is their name for Friston and it is designated for mass industrialisation, the central Hub for the region.  We are in favour of  integrated solutions.  But we continue to oppose their site selection because there are better brownfield sites using advanced HVDC technology

HM Government has published ‘Powering Our Net Zero Future: Energy White Paper’

This includes discussion of the government's policy position on connecting offshore generation

Listen to the thoughts of the Community  

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Key Upcoming Dates

9 March 2021 (am) - Issue Specific Hearing 10 (ISH10)

  • Health and Social Well Being

10 March 2021(am) - Issue Specific Hearing 11 (ISH11)

  • Flood Risk and Drainage

11 March 2021 (am) - Issue Specific Hearing 12 (ISH12)

  • Noise

12 March 2021 (am) - Issue Specific Hearing 13 (ISH13)

  • Traffic and Transport

16 & 17 March 2021 (am) - Issue Specific Hearing 14 (ISH14)

  • Biodiversity and HRA

18 March 2021 - Compulsory Acquisition Hearing 3 (CAH3)

19 March 2021 (am)- Issue Specific Hearing 15 (ISH15)

  • draft Development Consent Orders (dDCO) and other matters

25 March 2021 - Deadline 8

06 April 2021 - Deadline 9 (Midday deadline)

Examination Timetable

Key Documents from the Examination Library

Written Representations

  • All 175 Submissions submitted by Deadline 5 (February 3) can be viewed on the Planning Inspectorates Website (type 05/02/2021 in Filter Field)
  • All 183 Submissions submitted by Deadline 4 (January 13) can be viewed on the Planning Inspectorates Website (type 15/01/2021 in Filter Field)
  • All 171 Submissions submitted by Deadline 3 (December 15) can be viewed on the Planning Inspectorates Website (type '17/12/2020' in Filter Field)
  • Over 150 Submissions at Deadline 2 (November 17) can be viewed on the Planning Inspectorates Website (type 'published 19/11/2020' in Filter Field)
  • All 388 Submissions and Written Representations (WRs) submitted by Deadline 1 (November 2) can be viewed on the Planning Inspectorates Website  (type 'Published 06/11/2020' in Filter Field)

Issue Specific Hearings

Issue Specific Hearings 6 - 29 January 2021 (Draft DCO)

Issue Specific Hearings 5 - 21 January 2021 (Offshore and onshore social and economic effects)

Issue Specific Hearings 4 - 19/20 January 2021 (Energy White Paper, onshore environment, construction, transport and operational effects)

Issue Specific Hearings 3 - 19 January 2021 (Biodiversity and Habitats Regulations Assessment)

Issue Specific Hearings 2 - 2 December 2020 (Onshore siting, design and construction)

Issue Specific Hearings 2 - 3 December 2020

Issue Specific Hearings 1 - 1 December 2020 (Biodiversity and Habitats Regulations Assessment)

Compulsory Acquisition Hearings 

Compulsory Acquisition Hearing 1 -  1 December 2020

Open Floor Hearings

Open Floor Hearings 7 - 28 January 2021 including links to full audio recordings and transcripts of speeches made by:

Open Floor Hearings 6 - 22 January 2021 including links to full audio recordings and transcripts of speeches made by:

Open Floor Hearings 4 & 5 - November 2020 including links to full audio recordings and transcripts of speeches made by:

Open Floor Hearings 1, 2 & 3 - October 2020 including links to full audio recordings and transcripts of speeches made by:

Preliminary Meetings

Preliminary Meetings Part 2 - October 2020 including links to full audio recordings and transcripts of speeches made by:

There are currently TEN energy projects proposed to be built over the next 12-15 years in the beautiful Suffolk Coastal countryside.


Huge electrical substations for Scottish Power Renewables (SPR) / Iberdrola - East Anglia One North (EA1N) and East Anglia 2 (EA2)


Massive electrical interconnectors for National Grid - Nautilus and Eurolink



Further electrical windfarm infrastructures for Galloper & Greater Gabbard.  

Recently without consultation, more interconnectors from Sizewell to Kent for National Grid-SCD1 & SCD2


AND making the cumulative effect even worse we also have a Giant twin-reactor nuclear power station, Sizewell C, for Électricité de France (EDF).  

Scottish Power Renewables map of the cable corridor
Cumulative Effect of all energy projects means the ruination of seven towns surrounded by construction for up to 15 years.  Map by
Cumulative Graph of all energy projects by Paul Chandler, SoS

Many of us may not be aware of the massive scale of industrialisation that will come along with up to six new electrical substations or interconnectors and 60m wide cable trenches gouging out the countryside.  This threat to our coastal area is a national issue being replicated elsewhere in the UK, most notably in Suffolk, Norfolk, along The Wash and Humber Coast; and off Cumbria and North Wales.   CALL FOR A REVIEW, A PUBLIC  INQUIRY.   Ask for brownfield sites in the short-term and offshore transmission solutions - a ring main (ORM) or island hubs, learning from other countries such as Holland and Germany.

SEAS is in favour of wind energy farms.  SEAS is against the current proposed plans for the delivery of that wind power.  

A group of British celebrities including comedian Griff Rhys Jones slam 'needless destruction' as debate grows over UK offshore wind links.
Times Letter to the Editor: Wind Power Threat
Times Letter to the Editor: Wind Power Future
Times Article by Environment Editor, Ben Webster
BBC News Online
 Recharge Article by Andrew Lee
Eastern Daily Press Article by Sabrina Johnson

The Government needs to reassess the current plans to take account of the inevitable economic and environmental harm to East Suffolk which will cause untold hardship for its inhabitants.

The benefits WILL NEVER outweigh the devastation and destruction caused by these projects. They will have a detrimental impact on local environment, roads, country lanes, tourism and businesses.

A “NO-GO ZONE” will be created in an area of untouched natural beauty.  
This random siting of clean and renewable energy is not only happening here but in other parts of the country.  

Unless we take action now, our precious, irreplaceable landscapes and rural communities will be lost for future generations. And with it will come enormous economic hardship.  All because the Government did not fully consider the impact.

The Government will only pay attention if each of us, with our friends and families write personally expressing our own views on what this means to you.  Demand that the Secretary of State take action to prevent this wilful destruction. Every communication will count, no matter how short.

Please take the time to make a difference. Let’s do clean energy properly, share on social media and write to the Secretary of State.

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