Do you know what's about to hit Coastal Suffolk?  "A War Zone" 

Suffok Energy Action Solutions

Many of us may not be aware of the massive scale of industrialisation that will come along with up to six new electrical substations at Friston, cabled from Thorpeness across the AONB through Aldringham and Knodishall.   It will take up to 12 years of construction to complete and more will come with the recent sale of sea bed energy giants.  Our roads jammed with HGVs.   Our business and jobs gone from lack of tourists.  Now is the time for you, as a member of the public, to do something about this.


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There are currently SEVEN energy projects proposed to be built over the next 12-15 years in the beautiful Suffolk Coastal countryside.


Huge electrical substations for Scottish Power Renewables / Iberdrola (SPR).


Massive electrical interconnectors for National Grid (NG).


Further electrical windfarm infrastructures for Galloper & Greater Gabbard.    


AND making the cumulative effect even worse we also have a Giant twin-reactor nuclear power station for Électricité de France (EDF).

Scottish Power Renewables map of the cable corridor

SEAS is in favour of wind energy farms.  SEAS is against the current proposed plans for the delivery of that wind power.  

The Government needs to reassess the current plans to take account of the inevitable economic and environmental harm to East Suffolk which will cause untold hardship for its inhabitants.

The benefits WILL NEVER outweigh the devastation and destruction caused by these projects. They will have a detrimental impact on local environment, roads, country lanes, tourism and businesses.

A “WAR ZONE” will be created in an area of untouched natural beauty.  

This random siting of clean and renewable energy is not only happening here but in other parts of the country.  

Unless we take action now, our precious, irreplaceable landscapes and rural communities will be lost for future generations. And with it will come enormous economic hardship.  All because the Government did not fully consider the impact.

The Government will only pay attention if each of us, with our friends and families write personally expressing our own views on what this means to you.  Demand that the Secretary of State take action to prevent this wilful destruction. Every communication will count, no matter how short.

Please take the time to make a difference. Let’s do clean energy properly, share on social media and write to the Secretary of State.

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SEAS are asking supporters to use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to ask their friends and family to join in.  We need over 10,000 emails sent to Andrea Leadsom before 23 November 2019. Please help achieve that target and make the Government take notice of the devastating impact on our communities from the cumulative impact and ill-conceived plans for onshore substations.

Ref: Scottish Power Renewables:
East Anglia 1 North and East Anglia 2

Andrea Leadsom, Secretary of State, BEIS,
1 Victoria Street London SW1H 0ET.


Please copy your own MP and


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