The BEIS Offshore Transmission Network Review

The BEIS (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) Offshore Transmission Network Review

A specific objective of the SEAS campaign has been to call for a Review of offshore wind transmission infrastructure. Finally, in July 2020, the hundreds of SEAS letters and postcards sent to the Secretary of State combined with our growing advocacy and media pressure paid off and a Review was called; the Offshore Transmission Network Review.

In October 2021, BEIS published its latest Newsletter Update.  

SEAS will continue to feed into this Review, campaigning for the Secretary of State to include EA1N, EA2 and now Nautilus Interconnector within the meaningful objectives and outcomes of this Review.

National Grid Electricity System Operator also published their final Phase 1 report on Offshore Coordination in December 2020 , which highlighted the benefits of a more coordinated approach to offshore transmission. BUT, in this report, Sizewell is their name for Friston and it is designated for mass industrialisation, the central Hub for the region. We are in favour of integrated solutions. But we continue to oppose their site selection because there are better brownfield or industrialised sites using advanced HVDC technology.


BEIS Offshore Transmission Network Review


Offshore Coordination Progress Report, NGESO, October 2021
National Grid ESO Offshore Coordination Phase 1 Final Report, December 2020
Open Letter Response from BEIS and Ofgem, December 2020
Offshore Transmission Network Review Terms of Reference, August 2020


Update Newsletter Autumn 2021
Update Newsletter March 2021


– Autumn NGESO Offshore Coordination Progress Webinar, recording and Q&A, October 2021
– Summer Webinar, slides, recording and Q&A, July 2021
– UK Hybrid Project Forum, slides, recording and Q&A, March 2021
– Update Webinar slides, recording and Q&A, December 2020

Campaign With Us

We are asking you to write, to the Secretary of State for the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), The Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng MP, calling for him to reconsider a 'split decision' so that:

  1. The offshore turbines are recommended for consent.
  2. The onshore infrastructure is rejected in favour of full consideration of better locations for this infrastructure where the adverse impacts are minimised at a brownfield or industrialised site.





Send a Letter:‍ 1 Victoria St., London SW1H 0ET‍

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