A letter to ALOK SHARMA from Jean Herring

Dear Alok,

Congratulations on your recent appointment. You have one of the most important jobs in the U.K. at this time. One of your responsibilities is to deliver the UK’s plans for renewables.

There is a bright new world out there. Offshore RingMains are not futuristic. They exist already. They work. They deliver cost efficiencies. They don’t wreck the countryside, the rare habitats or the communities dependent on this landscape for their jobs in tourism and related commerce and for general well-being. We are asking you to fast track the transition to offshore solutions using brownfield sites (if necessary) in the interim.

Offshore RingMains (ORM) are more cost efficient, yes. Greater synergies, no more individual substations on environmentally sensitive land. Instead, one holistic delivery system for East Anglia.

No compensation costs.

ORM requires new legislation. With a strong majority in government, this could be speedily resolved.  It just needs the will of government.

This step change would really underwrite true world leadership in offshore wind power. You understand that the delivery systems are as important as the actual generation of that wind power. Then we can call this properly 'green energy'.

Let’s please have an urgent Review now to bring together the engineers, technicians and the planners with your team. Let’s all be proud of what we can do together. We are so much greater together.

Best wishes

Jean Herring

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