A rare opportunity to see the revelatory film 'The Nuclear Trap' in Woodbridge and Aldeburgh - see the trailer

This revelatory French documentary on the inside story behind EDF and their intentions for Hinkley Point and Sizewell C & D 'The Nuclear Trap' is showing in community centres on Sunday 12th January at Woodbridge at 14.30, and Sunday 19th January at Aldeburgh at 14.30. Admission Free.

See the Trailer here >>> a 'must see' for East Suffolk residents and holiday makers.

"The Nuclear Trap" - Director's statement
“Those who champion nuclear energy view the world through an industry, the decline of which they refuse to acknowledge. The revolution of renewables underway in our societies is seen as an attack. They stubbornly maintain that nuclear power generates safer and cheaper electricity than all the other energy sources… Our film strives to demonstrate that not only is this argument wrong, but that it is concealing a disastrous financial reality: the bill that future generations will have to pay due to nuclear power is colossal. Each nuclear disaster (Chernobyl, Fukushima), by increasing the obligation for new safety measures, sends costs spiralling and results in the construction of prototypes such as the EPR, which is exorbitant and so technologically complicated that many engineers are now saying that it will never work.”  Patrick Benquet.


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