Registering with the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) to comment on ScottishPower’s Development Consent Order

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Registering with the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) to comment on ScottishPower’s Development Consent Order


We are now in the third (Pre-examination) and fourth (Examination) stages of the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project. The following PINS website links may be of help in understanding the process:

1. The Application Process (info & video)
2. How to have your say (video)

3. Glossary of terms

4. Advice notes

5. FAQs

6. Application Documents Index EA1N(10077) and EA2(10078)

Please note that some of the PDF links give a warning, but they are OK to click through to.

FYI - See SASES excellent breakdown of the application documents here

When registering, you need to register as an ‘Interested Party’ for both projects:

- East Anglia ONE North (PINS project ref. EN010077) and

- East Anglia TWO (PINS project ref. EN010078)
You must state whether you are representing an organisation (such as a Parish Council or a Business Association) or as an individual.
At this stage, you do not have to go into great detail on each of your comments about these projects.  A sentence will do.  However, it is best to put as many issues that you may wish to comment on as you cannot raise new issues at a later date, but of course can always drop issues. For suggested issue have a look at our REGISTRATION LEAFLET which will be leafleted to local residents over the next week.

You should not worry when submitting a Registration Form about whether you might be duplicating a representation from other interested parties.  On the contrary, the numbers of responses received on each topic helps the Panel decide how to structure the hearings on each subject area.  Nor should you worry about being called to speak at a hearing, we can let the experts do that.

SPR’s (The Developer's) application and supporting documents are available on the PINS websites above.  If you are struggling to find relevant documents, you might want to try the indexes noted in the first paragraph above, or you may find the following headings (derived from the DCO Environmental Statement) a short cut to the documents you need.  Click on the ‘Documents Tab’, make sure All Documents is showing, and type in a heading in the ‘Filter’ box on the right-hand side – the relevant document(s) should come up.

- Site Selection

- Landfall

- Cable Corridor

- Substation Design

- Flood risk

- Land Use

- Onshore ecology

- Onshore ornithology

- Heritage

- Noise

- Traffic

- Light Pollution

- Human Health

- Landscape - loss of landscape and trees

- Restoration e.g. replanting, removal of haul roads following project completion

- Tourism, socio economic

- Public Rights of Way

- The DCO itself

- Planning issues (e.g. compliance with NSIPs, the 'Cumulative Impact' issue and the Rochdale Envelope)

Should you have any queries about ‘Registration’ or ‘The Process’, Kate Mignano is the PINS Case Manager for EA1N and EA2 DCO planning applications:  Helpline: 0303 444 5000 Email:

(Please note: This is by no way a definitive guide to Registering, but we hope it will help answer some of your questions and ease the way to registering.)

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