Aldringham Resident, Open Floor Hearing 4 (OFH4), Thursday 5 November 2020

I am an Aldringham resident. I am focussing on the aspects which would severely affect my life and wellbeing during the lengthy construction process, should the two proposals be given consent.

The construction of cable corridors and haul roads will be taking place adjacent to my home, and I would like you to understand how much it will seriously impinge on my life.

The proposed cable corridors and haul roads crossing the B1122 Aldeburgh Road are 25 metres from the boundary of my property.

I spend a large amount of time in a studio in my quiet wooded garden.  During the construction process of the cable corridors and haul roads, whether the projects run singly or concurrently, there will firstly be weeks of chain saws buzzing as many trees are felled.  There will be engine noise, vibrations and fumes from heavy goods vehicles as the proposed haul roads are constructed, and the haul roads may be used continually as the proposals progress; light sandy soil from excavations and traffic will be blown into my house and garden; and lights from this traffic together and the Construction Consolidation Site will impinge on the dark night skies, which I value highly.

No closed fences or hedges surround my property.  The River Hundred is my open rear boundary and it seems probable that diesel pumps will be used to divert the river when constructing the haul roads and cable corridors.  This will be approximately 75 metres from my house.  Logic tells me that these pumps will be working day and night, causing day AND night noise intrusion.

In 2018 I visited all 7 zones for the proposed substation and could not understand why Friston, 9 kilometres from the proposed landfall site, was even being considered.  The proposed cable corridor zigzags its way  back and forth under electricity pylons, across fields and woods, cutting across roads, footpaths and bridle ways, all the way to the tiny village of Friston.   There is more than enough land around Sizewell, or alternative brownfield sites such as Bradwell, to site a substation and connect to the grid.

This area is already blighted by 2 power stations and 2 wind farm substations, so this small, 4 square miles of east Suffolk is already making a  significant contribution to the nations energy supplies.

People in this area now face the daunting prospect of many years of traffic disruption, noise, light and dust pollution along this very short length of fragile coastline and rural environment.

As responsible humans we are supposed to be ‘guardians of the countryside’.  That phrase doesn’t sit comfortably alongside an ‘energy coast’ packed with large scale industrial developments.  Power from the wind is commendable, but surely it must be delivered without damage to the environment, or how else can it be called ‘green’ energy?  These proposals, and all those which we now know will follow, are a misnomer.

You know the local issues by now, as you say, you have heard them stated over and over again.  You have heard at these Open Floor Hearings technical issues described in the tremendous amount of work carried out by other speakers.  You must have heard the phrase ‘no coordinated approach’ with regard to these proposals so many times now, that I hope common sense will prevail.

I live along a quiet country lane, have a wooded garden with the river running at the bottom, surrounded either side by woodland and open meadows. Numerous birds, insects and animals visit my garden, including bees, buzzards, egrets, pheasants, nightingales, tiny wrens and tree creepers, bats and muntjac.  If these proposals go ahead I will be living adjacent to a construction site for the rest of my life.   Whilst the wildlife will be forced to move away, I will be unable to.

These proposals would transform where I will have to live in my old age, from rural to industrial, and the thought is unbearable to me.

It has not been made clear in any of the documentation how the described impacts on my life will be minimised during the construction phases.  

There has been no mention of any mitigation to affected properties along the cable corridors and haul roads.

Noise pollution, light pollution, dust pollution, vibrations.  The loss of trees, birds and animals.  Unable to sit quietly in my garden and wood.  These are MAJOR issues to me.

The joint owner of my property has requested a site visit so you can see for yourselves, to fully understand my issues, and to see why I am fighting for my wellbeing in my advancing years.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my dismay and concerns regarding the SPR proposals.

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