Fiona Gilmore, Snape Resident, Open Floor Hearings 5 (OFH5), Friday 6 November 2020

My name is Fiona Gilmore. I was an adviser some years ago to the alternative fuels industry  overseas and am a supporter of green energy. My family has had a home here for over 30 years.  We love this place precisely because it is not developed or industrialised. It is full of beauty,  wilderness and marsh.

We know there are better alternative solutions. Many of us are campaigning for a better future.

I attended the Virtual Spectator Energy Summit earlier this week and National Grid sent a  message to us stating that nothing would change for any wind energy project due to be  completed in 2028. Mr Graeme Cooper was implying that for EA1N and EA2 it was too late.

Green Peace Executive Director, John Sauven was another speaker at the conference, and stated  that “Grid connections are very expensive. We need fewer of them. There’s a failure by Ofgem  and Government not to provide the infrastructure sooner”.

Our view is that these Applicant’s plans are not good, not moderately good, but very, very bad  plans and therefore we are relying on you the Inspectors to see from our detailed written  representations how flaky the research methods are, to see how flawed the alternative site  assessments are, and to know that everything is connected.

Gill Horrocks has helped us understand what is at stake for our ecology. Just remember the  number of species at The Hundred River, 872. The rich biodiversity will suffer enormously  and the cost to lives and livelihoods is hard to imagine. A loss in the Tourism sector of around  £700m over 12 years of construction means severe economic decline, health decline, mental  health decline, social decline. The exponential negative impacts are exponential, not a simple  subtraction. Everything is connected.

We look to you the Inspectors to reject these plans, this unnecessary destruction and look to  the will of Government to fast track far better alternatives.

Having listened to specialist engineers at Elia, K2 and Tennet, we know that HVDC  technology, new synergies and brownfield sites are cost efficient and possible in the next few  years. With local MP Dr. Therese Coffey and the other East Anglia MPS working hard to find  a better solution, we are hopeful that common sense will prevail very shortly and that the  necessary legislation could be advanced in the coming months to enable integrated solutions.

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