North Sea Wind Power Hub and Spoke


AIM - A coordinated roll-out of North Sea Wind Power Hubs facilitates an accelerated deployment of large scale offshore wind in the North Sea required to support realizing the Paris Agreements target in time, with minimum environmental impact and at the lowest cost for society (urgency & cost savings), while maintaining security of supply.

VISION -The North Sea Wind Power Hub Consortium initial study and test results are gathered  in six concept papers. The goal of the concept papers is to inform North Sea stakeholders, and the general public, of the results the NSWPH has obtained working on the modular Hub-and-Spoke concept over the last two years. The six concept papers tell one story: from the challenge to meet the Paris Agreement, through the solution building on the modular Hub-and-Spoke concept, to the next steps required to meet the Paris Agreement timely and in a cost-effective manner.

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