Have SPR and National Grid chosen the wrong location for their Substations / Interconnectors?

This flooding is not a one off in Friston, Suffolk. The locals have been warning the power companies that flooding is a common occurrence. Resident Ian Cook explains more:

Friston is in zone 3 (4 being the highest) for surface water running of the fields into the village. 

Last weekend with the torrential rain the water ran off the fields above Grove road and down into the centre of Friston. Meanwhile even more water was pouring down the B1121 from other fields to meet the water from Grove Road and there was nowhere for it to go but down Low Road past the Chequers pub. The fields behind Low road also had water running off them into Low Road which went through several houses. 

In 1993 because of the risk of flooding a culvert was dug out alongside The Green from near to the church to outside Newton House (the pink house in the photographs) and this carries away much of the water which often flows down Grove road when it rains, but not on this occasion.

SPR has only considered fluvial flooding and not addressed the problem of surface water flooding which is Friston’s problem.  If the substations were built there would be 35 acres of concrete adding much more surface water and causing severe damage to Friston.

Photos © Ian M Cook

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