Invite Family and Friends to write to the Secretary of State

If you haven't already done so, why not invite your friends and family to write to the Secretary of State.... here's a sample letter to use:


Hi Family and Friends,

I don't normally ask this of family and friends but this is an issue very close to my heart - .  

I have grown to love the big skies, wide open spaces, wildlife, walks, peace and tranquillity of Suffolk Coastal.  I have, however, discovered that offshore windfarms are planning to dig 60 metre wide trenches across heathland, marshes, areas of natural beauty AONB and Suffolk's famous Sandlings to build up to 6 massive electrical substations, interconnectors or connectors, each the size of Wembley Stadium. 

Don't get me wrong, I support wind power and other clean energy, but to carve up the countryside to deliver it is not right and better solutions such as brownfield sites, offshore RingMain or Island Hubs should be found. 

Suffolk is not the only area affected, the UK coast has been surveyed by the Crown Estates England and Scotland and recently conducted seabed sales to profit making energy company’s for future wind farm sites.  Whilst Scotland is about to be inundated with floating windfarms in the North Sea’s deep waters from Orkney to The Borders – they will need to bring the power ashore also.  There is a National Strategy for offshore windfarms, but no Strategy for on shore delivery. 

Don't worry if you have never been to this part of the world, it is the principle of doing it responsibly and not in the Gold Rush manner that is presently adopted.  We should not be destroying the countryside, but leaving it for our grandchildren's grandchildren.

 Please take a few minutes to look at the SEAS website and if you feel you can support the SEAS campaign, please fill in the online form here, object to the Secretary of State and call for a PUBLIC INQUIRY.  

Thanks for reading.

Best wishes 

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