Melissa Baker, Local Resident, Open Floor Hearing 4 (OFH4), Thursday 5 November 2020

My name is Melissa Baker and I have lived and worked in this area for 13 years.  I am in favour of wind energy but oppose the choice of location for the grid connection, onshore substations and cable corridor.

I love living here and feel passionately about preserving the beautiful countryside and the wildlife therein for future generations as well as wanting to do all that I can to ensure the people here lead as long and healthy a life as possible enjoying the landscape the wildlife and the peace and tranquillity.  I also want to make sure we preserve the environment for all of our amazing wildlife.

I support the submission by Georgina King (Open Floor Hearing Session 3 on 9 October, 2020) in which she highlighted some of the many reasons why this project should not to proceed including the fact that according to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) the Eastern region is among 38 of the UK’s 43 air quality zones which are currently breaching EU limits.  And that the highest recording for ozone pollution in 2020 so far (January to mid-September) which was taken at Sibton (6 miles from the A1094 / A12 junction) was also the highest recording of tropospheric ozone pollution in the whole of the UK.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the UK Government recognise that air pollution is the largest environmental health risk we face today.  Poor air quality is responsible for 36,000 deaths a year in the UK (1) and negatively impacts the health of the 12.7 million people who live with long standing respiratory conditions (2) and 7.4 million people living with heart and circulatory diseases (3)

We all know that our planet is in trouble and that we must nurture our environment and care for our wildlife otherwise we are going to be in serious trouble.  SPRs current proposal is most definitely not right for us.

There is a smarter, environmentally friendly way to provide green energy -  For instance why aren’t we making it mandatory for all new houses to have solar panels ?  This is what they are doing in Germany.  As David Attenborough has said we have the know how and expertise to find better ways to provide power. Why are we not implementing them ?


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