2 November, 2020 - Deadline 1 - List of things to do

Deadline 1 - Monday 2 Nov 2020

This is our biggest and most important deadline yet.  We are asking all those who have registered as Interested Parties to submit a Written Representation (WR) by 23.59 on 2 November 2020.   We need to continue to make a significant impact at every stage of this process. Your contribution is important.

Written Representations - Deadline 23.59 on Monday 2 Nov 2020

Written Representations will be different things to different people, they can cover ANY matter.  Some will be powerful human stories others will be a more technical issue based examination.  Both are vital. Here are some suggestions:-

  1. Your Written Representation could be an expansion of what you wrote way back in January 2020 when submitting your Relevant Representation and registering to become an Interested Party (IP).  If you can't remember what you wrote, it can be found on the Planning Inspectorates website.  Scroll down to the 'Filter', type in your name and your Relevant Representation should come up.
  2. Those that spoke at the Open Floor Hearings could expand on their oral presentation.
  3. Your story.  Do not underestimate it.
  4. An issue based piece.  The issues seem endless, here are some; village ruination, agricultural impact, historic environment, air pollution, noise pollution, light pollution, biodiversity (offshore and onshore), Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs), Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs), protected woodlands, rare habitats, heathland, wetland.  Also The Sandlings, Thorpeness cliffs, traffic, emergency services, rural highways, impact on tourism, impact on retail and hospitality, economic impact, health, flood risk, effectiveness of mitigation, cumulative effects of multiple energy projects, substation siting and BEIS review).  If you can link your issue based submission to SPRs application (see list of useful documents below) it will make it all the more powerful.  

It might help to read the transcripts of those who spoke at the Open Floor Hearings to see how others have done it.  Links to these can be found by scrolling down on the home page of the  SEAS website

Some Guidelines from the Planning Inspectorate:-

  1. Identify those parts of the application with which you agree and those parts with which you do not agree, explaining the reasons why.  (This does not have to be complicated.  It is enough to say that you are in favour of wind energy but oppose the choice of location for the grid connection, onshore substations and cable corridors).
  2. Provide evidence if you can.  This could be as simple as a photograph (e.g. footpaths, woods, wildlife, roads, banners) or references to written reports or published data.  Please include this evidence as attachments and not links.
  3. Any submission that exceeds 1500 words should be accompanied by a summary.  (A bullet point paragraph will suffice).
  4. Please quote your personal reference number which should be on all emails from the Planning Inspectorate (this begins 2002 ... or EA1N ... or EA2 ...).  If you did not register as an Interested Party, please contact SEAS on info@suffolkenergyactionsolutions.co.uk, we may be able to help you with a reference number.
  5. Send by email, to both these email addresses: EastAngliaOneNorth@planninginspectorate.gov.uk and EastAngliaTwo@planninginspectorate.gov.uk

Useful Documents - A selection of Chapters from SPR's Environmental Statement.  

When referencing any of these documents please always put the prefix APP-XXX so the Examining Authorities can find it easily.

APP-067 Chapter 19 - Air Quality

APP-068 Chapter 20 - Water Resources and Flood Risk

APP-069 Chapter 21 - Land Use

APP-070 Chapter 22 - Onshore Ecology

APP-071 Chapter 23 - Onshore Ornithology

APP-072 Chapter 24 - Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

APP-073 Chapter 25 - Noise and Vibration

APP-074 Chapter 26 - Traffic and Transport

APP-075 Chapter 27 – Human Health

APP-076 Chapter 28 - Offshore Seascape, Landscape and Visual Amenity

APP-077 Chapter 29 - Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

APP-078 Chapter 30 - Tourism, Recreation and Socio-Economics

APP-079 Chapter 31 – Conclusions

One final document - SPR's response to our Relevant Representations submitted in January. It may have answered some of your queries already or may throw up new questions:

Applicant's Comments on Relevant Representations - Volume 2: Individual Stakeholders

Other Deadlines for 2 November 2020

As outlined above, we believe that our main focus over the next 2 weeks should be producing the best Written Representations that we can.  But there are other deadlines for 2 November which we're sure some of you would like information on.  A full list of deadlines for November 2 2020 can be found in the final Examination Timetable attached at Annex A of Letter 12 October 2020.  We have expanded on some of the issues which we think will be most useful:

Notification of wish to speak at Issue Specific Hearings 1 and 2 (ISH1 and ISH2)

Issue Specific Hearings (ISHs) provide an opportunity for the Examining Authority (ExA) to invite Interested Parties to make oral representations about specific issues relating to the applications. Issue Specific Hearing 1 (ISH1) into Biodiversity and Habitats Regulations Assessment (offshore biodiversity, onshore biodiversity, Habitats Regulations Assessment and cumulative and in combination effects) will be held on 1 December 2020.  Issue Specific Hearing 2 (ISH2) into Onshore Siting, Design and Construction (with a focus on onshore cable corridors and transmission connections, siting, BEIS Review, landscape, visual, historic environment, good design, cumulative and in combination effects) will be held on 2 and 3 of December 2020.   Scroll down to Annex C of the Rule 8 Letter for further details. Detailed agendas for these hearings will be made available the week commencing 23 November 2020.  Please submit any requests to be heard at these Hearings by Deadline 1 - 23.59 on Monday 2 November 2020.  Please note speaking at ISHs is by invitation from the ExAs, although you can request to speak there is no guarantee you will be invited.  Further ISHs will be held in January/February for which a later opportunity to request to be heard will be provided.  

Notification of wish to speak at any further Open Floor Hearing (OFH) to be held in the remainder of the Examination (if a request has not already been submitted)

The Examining Authority has decided to hold further Open Floor Hearings 4 and 5 (OFHs 4-5) on 5 and 6 November 2020 so that all those who have ALREADY requested to be heard should have an allocated speaking opportunity.  Scroll down to Annex D of the Rule 8 Letter for a list of Speakers and agendas.  If you did request to be heard by 9 September 2020 and cannot find your name listed then please contact the Case Team as soon as possible. (see SEAS guide to useful documents attached for Case Team contact details).  Whilst additional requests to be heard at OFHs 4-5 are not possible, if you wish to speak at a future Open Floor Hearing (OFH) you need to request this by Deadline 1 - 23.59 on Monday 2 November 2020.

Notification of digital exclusion:  identification of exceptional reasons why an Interested Party cannot participate in a virtual event

If an Interested Party considers themselves to be digitally excluded and unable to be heard at a virtual event, the Examining Authority will consider the exceptional (personal and individual) reasons why that might be the case and may make alternative arrangements to hear the individual(s) concerned. It should be noted that such reasons need to demonstrate why an Interested Party is unable to participate in a virtual event (including by analogue telephone). Interested Parties (IPs) who do not have access to necessary technology need to identify their circumstances by Deadline 1- 23.59 on Monday 2 November 2020

Site Visits

Unaccompanied Site Inspections (USIs) and Accompanied Site Inspections (ASIs) are scheduled to take place w/c 18 and/or 25 January 2021.  You are required to submit nominations of suggested locations and justifications for site inspections for consideration by the Examining Authority by Deadline 1.  Similarly, you are required to send notification of your wish to attend an Accompanied Site Inspection (ASI) by Deadline 1 - 23.59 on Monday 2 November 2020.  Before making nominations, please review the published notes of unaccompanied site inspections that have already taken place. (These can be viewed on the Planning Inspectorates website.  Scroll down to the 'Filter', type in 'USI' and details of Unaccompanied Site Visits should come up).

Notification from any Affected Person of wish to speak at Compulsory Acquisition Hearing 1 (CAH1)

Affected Persons have a right to be heard at a CAH.   Requests to be heard at CAH1 (1 December 2020) must be submitted by Deadline 1 - 23.59 on Monday 2 November 2020.

Responses to Examining Authorities Written Questions

The Examining Authority has compiled its first written questions - Examining Authority First Written Questions (ExQ1).  There is one that 'All Interested Parties' need to respond to:

1.14.6 Relevant projects and effects for cumulative impact assessment purposes:  Are there any other projects that are not documented in the ES and are not grid connection projects at Friston (ExQ1.14.5) that are relevant and need to be considered by the ExA?   • Please identify these projects and identify the public information source(s) from which you have made your assessment that they are relevant.

ALL Responses must be submitted by the Deadline 1 - 23.59 on Monday 2 Nov 2020

Again, we would like to mention that the focus of our campaign is to try and get as many Written Representations as we can - this is where we most need your help.  

This is undeniably a lot to think about, a lot of work with very little time to produce it. SEAS are available to help in any way we can, whether that be finding a path through the layers of documentation or pointing you in the right direction for information, please ask.


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