Why the apathy over energy coast threat?

Paul Chandler of 'Save our Sandlings' congratulates EADT on their raft of Energy articles

Dear Sir

May I congratulate you, and your correspondent Andrew Hirst, on the excellent series of articles covering the impending impacts upon our wonderful heritage coast.

As one of the speakers at the meeting at Aldeburgh Cinema last Sunday, we are very grateful to your paper for the coverage and the many pages of print you have devoted to this issue.

We have been attempting to engage with local people about these issues for many months and there appears to be a general air of apathy and resignation; that it is a done deal and nothing can stop these projects, so why bother. Whilst Sizewell C will undoubtedly have a huge impact upon the area, the 6 other major projects planned to be taking place during the 12 - 15 year period by Edf appear to be falling under the radar and being lost in the noise. Two sets of 3 cables from SPR's two windfarms, 2 interconnector cables from Belgium and Holland, the destruction of Coronation Wood by Edf to move buildings at Sizewell B, and the indication of the expansion of Galloper windfarm, all are direct threats to the countryside and wildlife.

Your article on Tuesday quotes David Wood, Simon Amstutz and Harry Young, all professional persons highly qualified to speak out against these plans and are no mere alarmists and NIMBYS. Having devoted their careers to the protection and development of the Suffolk Coastal area, it would be foolhardy not to take their concerns seriously and do what we can to preserve our internationally important coastal heaths.

Looking at the online comments, or lack of, I believe this confirms our findings that apathy rules OK. That is not to say there are not a core of very committed residents, business people and visitors working hard to engage with Edf, SPR and National Grid et al, and with government ministers and MPs in attempt to in the first instance call a temporary halt to projects until a proper consultation and review of ALL projects and their cumulative impacts can be undertaken. We all want clean green energy, but it must be done in ways that do not threaten the one major asset of East Suffolk; The Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONB.

Please continue with your articles. Hopefully your correspondence mailbag will start to fill and we will see examples in your letters page.

Paul Chandler
Save Our Sandlings

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