PINS announces a VIRTUAL Preliminary Meeting for EA1N & EA2

SEAS will shortly post some guidance notes.  In the meantime here are some EXTRACTS FROM EA2's notification:

The new Rule 6 Letter notifying you of the Preliminary Meeting has been issued, that includes the draft Examination timetable and replaces the Rule 6 letter of 21 February 2020. Once you have read the letter, please complete the Preliminary Meeting Involvement Form, which must be completed by Procedural Deadline A (13 August 2020). Further information relating to the Involvement Form, Preliminary Meeting and the Examination is contained in the updated Frequently Asked Questions document.

Invitation to the Preliminary Meeting

This letter is an invitation to the Preliminary Meeting to discuss Examination procedures for the East Anglia Two Examination. It contains a number of important annexes, including Annex A (the agenda) and Annex B which introduces the Preliminary Meeting, explains how it will be conducted and how you can participate.

Dates of meeting: Wednesday 16 September 2020 and Tuesday 6 October 2020 (if required)

Arrangements conference: from 9.20am on both days

Meeting begins: 10.00am (Session 1) on both days

Venue: Virtual event (please refer to Annexes A, B & the FAQs)

Tuesday 6 October 2020 has been reserved for the resumption of the Preliminary Meeting, following an adjournment to allow for the consideration of written submissions by Interested Parties who did not make oral submissions.

The Preliminary Meeting for this Examination will be held in parallel with the Preliminary Meeting for the East Anglia ONE North Examination (a single meeting would be held if required). Further guidance on the relationship to the Examination of the East Anglia ONE North Application can be found in the FAQ document.

Purpose of the Preliminary Meeting: The purpose of the Preliminary Meeting is to enable views to be put to the ExA about the way in which the application is to be examined. At this stage the ExA is looking at the procedure and not the merits of the application. The merits of the application will only be considered once the Examination starts, which is after the Preliminary Meeting has closed.

The agenda for the meeting is at Annex A. This has been set following our Initial Assessment of Principal Issues arising from our reading of the application documents and the Relevant Representations received. That assessment is set out in Annex C.

As a result of this assessment we wish to hear from the Applicant, Interested Parties,Statutory Parties and Local Authorities where they consider changes may be needed to the draft Examination Timetable set out in Annex D and other procedural arrangements. You can use the Preliminary Meeting Involvement Form to request to be heard at the meeting, to identify the matters you would like to discuss or to make submissions in writing for consideration if you are unable to attend. You must complete the form by Procedural Deadline A (13 August 2020).

We will give written submissions the same weight as any oral contributions made during the Preliminary Meeting. It will not be necessary to repeat any written submission through speaking at the Preliminary Meeting

Read the full Rule 6 letter

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