Protestors begin proceedings against council over felling of Coronation Wood - Crowd Funding reach £4000 in a matter of days.

EADT article: Protestors begin proceedings against council over felling of Coronation Wood by Katy Sandalls PUBLISHED: 12:00 28 December 2019

Protestors have called for a judicial review against over the future of a local wood set to become a car park for a nuclear power station.

Substantial felling of Coronation Wood would take place to create space for new buildings at Sizewell B

Joan Girling of the Together Against Sizewell C (TASC) group has started proceedings against East Suffolk Council after it gave permission to EDF to move a car park and visitors centre used for the current power station, Sizewell B, onto the site of the 100-year-old Coronation Wood.

East Suffolk's strategic planning committee approved the felling of the wood in September despite a huge number of objections.

The site move is part of changes to the Sizewell B estate ahead of the proposed Sizewell C which EDF says need to be carried out to prevent delays.

Those against the felling have argued that the application was "premature" as plans for Sizewell C have yet to be submitted.

They also raised concerns about the impact the plans could have on local wildlife.

Lawyers representing Ms Girling approached East Suffolk in November to have the planning permission withdrawn and were unsuccessful.

They have now issued judicial review proceedings before the High Court challenging the original planning decision in the hope of having it rescinded.

TASC chairman Pete Wilkinson said:"Taking this action is right and we fully support it.

"The council ignored the 125 letters of objection to this application and have ridden roughshod over the needs and opinions of local people who appreciate the part the wood plays in the AONB and its role as a buffer to the nuclear complex and as a sanctuary for wildlife.

"Moreover, they have ignored the policy restrictions on the use of an AONB and failed to recognise the limitations of the IROPI initiative. Coronation Wood is an important part of the Leiston and Suffolk environment.

"If it is to be sacrificed for what we say is an unnecessary nuclear power station, it should at least be granted a proper, legal process.

"The relocation of Sizewell B facilities to accommodate a future Sizewell C development should form part of the development consent order for the new plant, not as a separate and apparently unconnected issue under the banner of Sizewell B.

"TASC will do everything in our power to stop Sizewell C."

East Suffolk Council was approached for comment.

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Update 2 Jan 2019 - crowd funding has reached over £4500 in a matter of days.  You can donate to this worthwhile cause at

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