Reflections from a Suffolk Village

Reflections from a Suffolk Village, Anonymous

Photo courtesy of SASES

Warm sun on cool stone a church tower stands amongst patchwork fields.  Furrow and ditch, brambled verge and ancient mound. Native hedgerows and ancient walkways through woodland and heath: spiky hawthorn and Field Maple, gnarly Oak and golden Bullace. Whispers of people past: farmer, miller, shoemaker, thatcher, blacksmith and soldier. Bowater, Hambling, Smith and Wright; voices of families past and present – Don’t take this away.


Photo courtesy of Tony Pick Photography

Buzzard soaring on thermal winds, darting Hobby and quivering Kestrel. Rook Crow and Jackdaw, corvid murmeration, family ties. Summer visitors, speedy swallow and swift, glide through midges dancing above waving grass. Skylarks’ liquid song rising high in the sky. A big Suffolk sky reaching down to the Alde, silvery in the light, slipping and sliding on its long journey to the sea. Whistles and wails of Curlew and Lapwing: sad lonely sounds through the rustling reeds, whispering - Don’t take this away.


Photo courtesy of Tony Pick Photography

Up, along and down: Grove Road, Low Road, Chase’s Lane. Past Long house, brick cottage, thatched roof, schoolhouse. Arm less Windmill standing high under the Suffolk sky. The big Suffolk Sky. Springtime garlands of Daffodils dancing and smiling in memory of those loved and lost. Ivy-thick trees buzzing with life, rabbit hole, molehill, spidery webs and newty puddles. Open spaces, hidden paths; Donkey Lane, Mill Road, Church Path and St Mary’s standing serenely, warm sun on cool stone – Don’t take this away.


Photo courtesy of Tony Pick Photography

Visiting gardens tucked behind charming cottages, hidden gems and nurtured plots with strawberry and sweet pea, towering hollyhock and lavender alive with bees. New ventures and old time experience – neatly mown lawns and wildlife haven. Hot summer days of beautiful old motors: polished silver, shiny paint, leathery seats and leathery faces.   Smiles and laughter with glasses of bubbles, sandwiches in hampers, cream teas, beers and burgers.   Classic vehicles chugging and purring, coughing and roaring - Don’t take this away.


Photo courtesy of Tony Pick Photography

Quiet summer evenings, silence broken by a gnawing wasp and a rustling hedgehog. Bright stars, distant planets, dark Suffolk skies. The silent ghostly shape of a Barn Owl, the familiar ‘twit’ and ‘who’ of Tawnies in the churchyard. Bats flitting down country lanes and through gardens. Winter wind and muffled nothingness in the snowy trees. Music from the church: organ, harp and familiar carols sung with joy amongst friends. Festive lights and mulled wine, wood smoke and a late Robin singing wistful in the night – Don’t take this away from us. It can never be replaced.

Thank you to our anonymous wordsmith for this beautiful poignant piece, to SASES and to Tony Pick for the use of his evocative photography. @tonypickphoto

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