PINS publish the Examination Authority's note on the recent site visit for the EAN1 & EA2 application

Herewith is a paragraph from the published Examination Authority's (ExA's) notes on their recent site inspection of 20 and 21 January,in preparation of the examinations to come.

"The first unaccompanied inspections are recorded in this note, the purpose of which to inform the Applicant, Interested Parties (IPs) and other persons of action already taken by the ExAs. As all of the locations inspected were affected by both applications, a single note has been produced. It is endorsed with the yellow and blue icon used to identify materially identical documentation in accordance with the ExAs’ procedural decisions on document management of 23 December 20191. Whilst for completeness of the record this note has been published to the Examination Libraries for both applications, if it is read in one library, there is no need to read it again in the second library. Further site inspections will be required. The site inspection programmes will be discussed at the Preliminary Meetings (PMs) to be held in due course. The Applicant, IPs and other persons will be provided with an opportunity to provide comments to the ExAs on the approach that they should take to site inspections and to nominate site inspection locations. An opportunity will be provided to propose inspections of private land, land where accompaniment is required for safety and related reasons and land where specific features need to be drawn to the ExAs’ attention on an accompanied basis – known as accompanied site inspections (ASIs)."

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