Useful Documents taken from SPR's Applications for EA1N and EA2

USEFUL DOCUMENTS taken from EA1N and EA2 applications

There are hundreds of documents that make up SPR's Applications and we hope that this small selection will assist you in the issue(s) you have chosen to write about in your Written Representation (WR).  When referring to any documents, please use the prefix APP-XXX so the Inspectors can find it easily.

A selection of Chapters from the Environmental Statement.  

When referencing any of these documents please always put the prefix APP-XXX so the Examining Authorities can find it easily.

APP-052 Chapter 4 - Site Selection and Assessment of Alternatives

APP-053 Chapter 5 - Environmental Impact Assessment Methodology

APP-067 Chapter 19 - Air Quality

APP-068 Chapter 20 - Water Resources and Flood Risk

APP-069 Chapter 21 - Land Use

APP-070 Chapter 22 - Onshore Ecology

APP-071 Chapter 23 - Onshore Ornithology

APP-072 Chapter 24 - Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

APP-073 Chapter 25 - Noise and Vibration

APP-074 Chapter 26 - Traffic and Transport

APP-075 Chapter 27 – Human Health

APP-076 Chapter 28 - Offshore Seascape, Landscape and Visual Amenity

APP-077 Chapter 29 - Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

APP-078 Chapter 30 - Tourism, Recreation and Socio-Economics

APP-079 Chapter 31 – Conclusions

You may wish to first read section para 31.3 of "Chapter 31 – Conclusions" as it will give you a taste of what SPR’s desk top studies reveal and their views on each Chapter– mainly: they will mitigate, there is no impact, there is minimal impact, there is no measurable impact (ie no desk top studies to reference), the Decommission effects will be no worse than the Construction effects of 4-7 years up to 30 years of operation and they don't state how long Decommission will take. There are many more areas where there is not enough information. We need to challenge these.

The above Chapters will often refer you to two other sections:

  • 'Figures' - they start at APP-808 - these are maps, illustrations and plans.
  • 'Appendixes' - these start at APP-442 and cover many aspects such as assessment, surveys, responses.

We hope the above selection of documents will be of assistance in evidencing your arguments and disputing SPR's ill-conceived plans. A full list of SPR application documents can be found in the Examination Library.


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