Times Letter to the Editor: Wind Power Future


Thursday March 05 2020, 12.01am, The Times
Sir, The letter is right that there is no national strategy for developing an offshore electricity transmission system to bring the power from offshore wind farms into the National Grid. The existing process of linking single offshore wind farms is a legacy regime that urgently needs updating. The Offshore Wind Industry Council is already working closely with National Grid and the regulator Ofgem to find a long-term solution, to keep onshore works and consumer costs to a minimum. We want to make better use of shared connections, which will be cheaper for consumers in the longer term and reduce onshore impacts. However, there needs to be a full analysis of all the options to ensure we land on a solution that is technically feasible and enables consumers to take advantage of the abundance of offshore renewables that the UK is blessed with.

Barnaby Wharton

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