ITV Anglia 4 April – Hornsea 3 wind farm cables ploughing through 35 miles of Norfolk countryside

Apr 5, 2024 | Cumulative Impact, Media Coverage, Network Design, News, Uncategorized

The onshore infrastructure for Hornsea 3, a 3gw offshore windfarm (the largest in the world) being built by Danish developer Orsted, involves 35miles of cable trenches ploughing through the Norfolk countryside, from Weybourne on the coast to just outside Norwich, where a massive 35acre converter station will be built. Two other wind farm projects are due to plough across the Norfolk countryside ensuring misery for many years.

This is the kind of devastating impact planned for the Suffolk coast with the cumulative impact of multiple projects in danger of industrialising an area of outstanding natural beauty and destroying the local tourism economy. The vast majority of this power will be used in London and the Southeast and devastating negative impacts on the environment and communities could be avoided by taking the power with subsea cables closer to where it is needed.