Keeping The Lights On, Private Eye

Oct 1, 2020 | Cumulative Impact, Environment / Net Zero, Media Coverage

‘Old Sparky’
EDF’s prospective new nuke at Sizewell is not the only vast energy scheme threatening Suffolk’s rural amenities and running laughable “consultation” exercises (Eyes passim). Only two miles away, Scottish Power Renewables (SPR) is right up there with EDF – on both counts.

SPR’s “East Anglia Hub” would be a 3 gigawatt offshore windfarm complex in the North Sea. Designed to produce sustainable electricity out of sight over the horizon, the plan has broad support – in principle. However, the onshore ramifications are contentious: the location for landfall of the incoming power cables, the digging of a six-mile “cable corridor”, and two large new substations. These works would cut across a stretch of Heritage Coast, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a Special Protection Area and a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Oddly, SPR is not intending to do the obvious and amalgamate its workings with those of EDF’s Sizewell C project next door, with its large existing site and grid connection. (Maybe SPR is as sceptical about Sizewell’s prospects as Old Sparky.) …