Pm Confirms His Support For An Offshore Grid

May 19, 2021 | Network Design, Politics

I thank the Prime Minister for the support he has already shown for coming forward with an offshore transmission grid, which he knows will help us to both export our surplus offshore wind to the continent and reduce the infrastructure associated with new wind farm capacity. It is very important to our communities, but there is a question over timing. Given that he has already set out an ambitious and clear timetable for increasing offshore wind generation, will he now come out with an equally ambitious timetable for delivering an offshore grid?

The Prime Minister’s response:

My hon. Friend is spot on in what he says about the need for an offshore grid. As well as building the fantastic windmills, it is vital that we bring the energy onshore in a way that has minimal disruption for local communities and enables us to maximise efficiency.” Hansard

I can tell him ((North Norfolk MP Duncan Baker) that we are certainly looking at the issue of the transmission network review and we are developing the necessary regulatory changes.” Prime Minister’s Question Time, Wednesday 24 February 2021 Hansard

These responses show backing at the highest level for a grid connection which has ‘minimal disruption for local communities’ and grid connections which ‘maximises efficiency’.